DIY Kids Art Studio Space with Pegboard Storage

I’m so excited to share this home decor DIY project I have wanted to complete for so long. This is a great art studio style space for my budding artist at home, featuring a utility pegboard that offers an incredibly functional and convenient organization solution for all of our arts and crafts products and materials. I completed the space by wrapping the table top she works on in cling wrap to protect it and a rolling 3 tierd cart to hold more supplies.

Arts & Crafts Pegboard Organization Home DIY

24” x 48” Pegboard (x2)
1” x 2′ x 8′ Furring Strip Board
Pegboard Baskets
These are some of the ones we used:
Extra Large Pegboard Basket
Large Basket
Medium Pegboard Basket
Pegboard Accessories
3-Tier Rolling Cart
Cling Wrap
Kitchen Bar Height Table for Two

Stud Finder


1. We purchased two 48” x 24” pegboard pieces and three 1” x 2” x 8′ strip boards. We cut those down to two 48” long strips and three 44” strips.

2. We drilled the two 48” strips and one of the 44” strips vertically on the studs of my wall and then drilled in the two other 44” strips along the top and bottom, ensuring that the the entire pegboard would be 48” by 48”.

DIY Pegboard Organization Storage

3. We drilled the pegboard onto the the wood strips.

4. We then added our pegboard baskets and accessories in a layout that best worked for us and our supplies.

5. Catalina’s art desk is an old bar height breakfast / kitchen table for two. We love the height because it keeps our toddler from being able to reach what’s on the table top. We wrapped the table top in cling wrap to protect it and placed right under the pegboard up against the wall.

6. Lastly, we added a 3 tier rolling cart to hold paper, notepads and the remainder of her arts and crafts supplies.

Let me know what you think about this pretty easy DIY Home Project that turned out to be an incredible organizational solution for my daughter’s arts and crafts supplies. If this doesn’t inspire your little ones to be creative, I’m not sure what will!

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