305 Fitness with Wonderfull Pistachios

In order to reach your fitness goals you have to find the right exercises for you. Do you love calming yoga and/or do you enjoy the intensity of a bootcamp class. I love exploring what’s out there and I was so excited to try out 305 Fitness with Wonderful Pistachios in 2017.

I was actually pregnant at the time of this class and found the class intense but doable. You just have to go at your own pace. What really helped is that it felt like a dance party more than a workout at times. It was really was a ton of fun and I felt super empowered as I worked out next to other strong women. We had a blast!

If you love to dance, you should definitely try the workout. No need to be in Miami (305 is the Miami area code) to enjoy this workout. They have studios in New York, Washington, D.C., Boston and more coming soon. And don’t forget to bring a bag of Wonderful Pistachios with you as a healthy post workout snack!

Remember to always consult with your doctor to see what exercises you can participate in.

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