Kinder Joy™ Is In the U.S.!

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I have been a fan of Kinder Joy™ for years. It is shaped like an egg and is divided into 2 halves. One half is made up of a soft cocoa flavored layer and a creamy milk-crème flavored layer. On these layers, there are two round chocolate-covered wafers filled with cocoa cream. They are simply out-of-this-world good.

But that’s not all! The other half of the Kinder Joy™ contains a mystery toy. It’s yummy and fun enough to bring out the child in all of us. Yes, it is a treat like no other.

Kinder began in the Italian town of Alba in 1963. I first tried Kinder Joy™ during a school trip to Italy when I was in high-school. I ate them when I visited my family in Colombia during the summer after they began selling them around the world in 2001. I also enjoyed them in Argentina and Spain while in University.

Since becoming mamá, my daughter has watched tons of Kinder Joy™ videos on YouTube. She loves watching other kids dig into the delicious treat with the adorable tiny spoons included and vicariously basks in the joy of opening up the toy. Unfortunately, she has never had the opportunity to actually enjoy one herself. Until now…

I am so thrilled that Kinder Joy™ is finally available in the United States for the first time ever! Catalina finally can taste how amazing this treat is for herself. She can also experience the excitement of discovering what fun toy is hiding inside. It certainly fills me with such happiness to see Catalina’s excitement and awe. I’ll cherish the memory of bonding with my little girl as we share these fun treats for years to come. 

She might even film a few Kinder Joy™ videos of her own! Watch out YouTube!

Pick up a Kinder Joy™ for your pequeños now that they are available nationwide in the U.S. Trust me. You’ll love it just as much as your little ones will, and you’ll understand why over 3 billion eggs have been sold worldwide in the last 17 years.

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