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One of my favorite shows on television right now is American Horror Story. Lucky for me, all of season 3, American Horror Story: Coven, was filmed in my home away from home of New Orleans. In this post, I’ll give you a glimpse of some of the locations featured on the show and a map you can use for self-guided witchy tours of the Crescent City.

Cure was one of the bars Jessica Lange‘s character frequented in the season. It’s a chic cocktail bar that has been built as an homage to the traditional cocktail bars of the past, where “ladies and gentlemen went to socialize in a productive and cultured way.”

Have a late night rendezvous like Fiona Goode at the Victorian Lounge in the Columns Hotel Bar.

The Columns is a Hotel designed by Thomas Sully and is the only remaining Italianate house from the late 1880s. This spot is where Fiona meets up with the Axeman following one of his sets (after discovering who he really is).

Atchafalaya is one of the best brunch venues in NOLA. Their dishes are out of this world and their Bloody Mary bar is draws huge crowds.

It’s no surprise that this is the restaurant Fiona would bring Madison for lunch on their private day out. 

You may know this house as Miss Robicheaux’s Academy but it is actually called the Buckner Mansion.

This house was built in 1856 by Henry S. Buckner and is the home used as the academy where witches found refuge on the show.

Maison Vitry is a wonderful manor located in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans. It is the house featured on the show as Marie Laveau‘s Salon and home.

The actual house was built in 1855 by a free woman of color and maintains many of the unique features found in New Orleans’ Golden Age. The house is available for rent at $350 per night, with a minimum three-night stay, and open for tours by appointment.

On Calle Real, the Spanish term for Royal Street, you’ll find an infamous house owned by a legendary woman. She was character featured on the show based on an actual woman who walked the streets of the French Quarter.

That’s right. I’m talking about Madame Lalaurie. Her home was on this corner before it burned and her “house of horrors” was discovered.

The Lalaurie Mansion was finished in 1832 and included an attached slave quarters. Madame Lalaurie owned the property and lived in the house with her husband and two of her daughters. It is said that when a fire ravaged the Lalaurie Mansion in 1834, bystanders discovered several mutilated slaves imprisoned in the attic. The mansion was ransacked by an angry mob after the news of the tortured slaves circulated among high society. Madame Lalaurie fled the city, never to be seen again. The mansion was renovated in 1888 and has since become a private home (once owned by Nicolas Cage).

Right next door to the Mansion, sits the Gallier HouseIt was used for exterior shots of the LaLaurie home. You can see in the episode where Nan stops at the mansion during the witches’ walk.

Thanks so much for going on this bewitching journey with me through New Orleans. I hope you enjoyed this special Halloween post. Let me know if you’ve ever visited New Orleans before or plan to go at some point, and what about this beautiful historic city draws you. Happy Halloween!

Here is the map I made to guide you to some of my favorite locations in AHS Coven:

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