Fit Friday: Infused Water

Have you heard of infused water? It’s all the rage in health trends and I’m a big fan. The concept is simple – add fruit and/or herbs to your drinking water. Many claim that it adds antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. to your drink. If nothing else, it makes your water taste delicious.

If one of your health goals is to drink more water (it’s recommended we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day), then this is a neat way to ensure you do. Once your finished with your bottle and you see the ingredients settled at the bottom, you’ll immediately be inclined to refill it. Before you know it, you’ll go through several glasses of water without even noticing.

My favorite ingredients to infuse my water with are lemon and strawberry slices. It adds a lovely tart and sweet flavor to the water. It’s delicious.

Another one of my favorite recipes for infused water is a refreshing green version. 

This water includes slices of cucumber and mint leaves. This is a spa-favorite. It’s light and the mint leaves a wonderful crisp taste in your mouth.

I drink infused water from my Kikki K glass water bottle.It comes with its own glass cup that sits over the mouth of the bottle. It features gold stamps with the phrase “life is sweet” written across the front and a bee at the bottom of the cup.  

Shop my favorite water infusers below:

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