Fit Friday: Best Taco Salad Ever + Some Tips

I love taco salads and this is one of my absolute favorite dishes to make for dinner. I tend to believe that the more colorful your plate, the healthier and more delicious your dish is. This will be one of the most colorful recipes you’ll find on Domesticated Me. 

Start off your dish with your greens. I like using dark greens whenever possible because they’re packed with iron. I find that kale can be too overpowering so spinach is perfect. [Domesticated Me Tip: Use a one of these Prepworks from Progressive International Lettuce Keepers to keep greens fresher longer]

1. Chop up your spinach and place it at the bottom of a large salad bowl. (The amount for all of the ingredients depends on taste and how many people you wish to serve.)

2. Chop up some red onions.

3. Chop up some mangos. [Domesticated Me Tip: I like to slice up the mango in squares with the skin still on the halves and then scoop them out with a spoon. I find that it saves a little time and is less messy.]

4. Chop up some fresh cilantro. [Domesticated Me Tip: Always cut up all your herbs as soon as you first use them. Place all of the unused herbs in a ziplock bag and freeze it. They’ll stay fresh for much longer. I’m embarrassed to think of all the herbs I’ve thrown away because of not doing this right away.]

5. Open up a can of low-sodium black beans. You can make these fresh but I find using some canned goods are easier and less time consuming. I always wash the canned goods to wash off excess sodium.

6.  Open a can of yellow corn kernels.

7. Now add some reduced fat sharp cheddar.

8. Lastly, add the protein. If you would like a vegetarian option, use Lightlife Smart Ground Mexican Style Seasoned Veggie Protein Crumbles. They’re a delicious alternative to using ground beef.

9. Now add a ripe hass avocado.

10. You can mix all your ingredients in the bowl or serve the ingredients side by side over the spinach.

11. Finally, you can have each guest serve themselves in their bowls. Optional ingredients that guests can choose to add can include tortilla chips, salsa and low-fat greek yogurt (as a healthier alternative to sour cream).

Are you a fan of taco salads? Is there anything you like to add to your salads that’s not included in this recipe? Let me know in the comment section below. 
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