Fit Friday: My Favorite 4th of July Drink & Weight Loss Tip

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I used to be overweight. Thanks to a few change of habits, I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight since college. One of the best changes I made that had a major impact on my health (and the number on the scale!) was a change in my choice of beverage.

While studying in Spain, my host family taught me to drink water with my meals instead of my usual sugary ice tea or soda. I never drank the soda they offered me after finishing my meal because I was full. I immediately started to shed pounds after cutting sugary drinks out of my diet. My palette has even became sensitive to the amount of sugar in drinks, making it nearly impossible to consume anything with numerous servings of sugar.

In the summer, when I want to drink something other than a glass of cold water, I love to make my own fruit juice. Making fresh, homemade watermelon juice is by far my favorite thing to drink on hot sumer days. It’s not only delicious (naturally sweet without added sugar), it’s also incredibly easy to make. Here’s how:

1. Cut a ripe watermelon in half and begin to cut out all of the red flesh.

2. Place the red pieces of watermelon in a high powered blender along with some ice cubes

3. Blend to the consistency you desire – smooth to chunky. I prefer mine with some pieces of ice in tact. 

4. Serve yourself a refreshing glass of watermelon juice and enjoy.

Optional: If you like to enjoy a nice cocktail now and then (like on the 4th of July), add your favorite champagne or prosecco to this juice and cheer on those summer nights! 
Here’s all you’ll need to begin making your own healthy juices:
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