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There are certain brands and products that become embedded into our lives. No, I’m not talking about clothing or shoe brands. I’m not even talking about handbag brands. I’m talking about the things that become so ingrained into our daily lives that we may not even recognize their significant impact. In today’s case, I’m talking about Kleenex tissue.

These thin, soft little papers are a major part of my life as a mom, wife, beauty and fashion blogger. And thanks so their stylish packaging designs, they don’t have to be a hidden one! In honor of Kleenex‘s 90th Anniversary, the brand has launched their Style Studio. There you can discover all of their amazing prints, colors and innovative designs that can bring a pop of stylish brightness to any home or interior of a bag.

Kleenex Style Studio Kleenex Tissue Makeup Blogger

I use my fair share of Kleenex tissue as a beauty blogger. Part of my regular routine is filming makeup tutorials and reviews. I always keep a box of Kleenex on my desk along with my other tools of the trade. I use them to clean up my eye makeup and blot my lipstick (this is a tired-and-true trick to make your lipstick last, ladies!). I also use them to gently clean any left-over makeup residue or fall-out on my desk.

Kleenex Style Studio Kleenex Tissue for Fashion Blogger

Fashion bloggers don’t wear the most…ahem…practical of accessories (have you seen some of our heels?!). That’s why I love that my favorite facial tissues are also sold in adorable pocket-sized packages. They can fit into some of my smallest handbags and always get looks whenever I pull them out. Just look at the sweet print above!

Kleenex Style Studio Kleenex Tissue for Wife Blogger

My husband suffers from allergies so I always have to stock up on Kleenex packets when Spring begins. He can easily carry them around in his computer bag or in one of the pockets of his suits. And thanks to some of the new Kleenex designs, he doesn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of pulling out a packet with flowers or anything of the sort. Check out that cool, green geometric print above.

Kleenex Style Studio Kleenex Tissue Mommy Blogger

My most important role in life is being a mother. I care about everything that goes into my daughter’s body, everything she sees, everything she touches, etc. etc. That’s why I always have some Kleenex tissues handy. I know that these tissues are extra gentle on her delicate skin and prevent any irritation when she’s battling a cold. I also know that they’re sturdy enough to remove any grime she may have picked up during her visits to our local playground. We never leave home without a pack in the diaper bag. We also enjoy picking out packets that match what we’re wearing or whatever diaper bag we’re carrying.

Kleenex Style Studio Kleenex Tissue Mommy Blogger Diaper Bag

Kleenex is an integral part of my family’s daily life for the reasons above and more. Have you discovered your Kleenex style? Visit the Kleenex Style Studio and pick from any one of their creative new designs to fit your style at home and on-the-go.

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Kleenex and Linqia. All opinions expressed are my own.
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