Fit Friday: New Year’s Resolution Must-Buys

Like most Americans, many
of you have some health component to your New Year’s Resolutions. I know I
certainly do. I’ll show you some of my must-have products that will help you
reach your 2014 health and fitness goals. Just click on the links to see more options than the ones pictured.
1. Heart Rate Monitor
and/or GPS Watch
When you google how many calories you lose
during a certain exercise, you’re getting a rough estimate based on an “average
person”. You’ll need something that knows your specific stats (weight, height,
age, etc.) and can read your heart rate to get a more precise count of how
much you’re burning off during your workouts. That is why I’ve purchased a heart
rate monitor
watch that can do just. Below are some of my favorites on the

2. Electronic Scales
Some of you may have made the switch a long time
ago but some of you may still own one older versions. Well, it’s time to make
the change. You won’t believe how off some of those other scales can be
compared to more accurate digital scales. Some digital scales can even tell you things like your water weight, bone percentage and BMI. Here are some good ones.

3. New Gear
I firmly believe nothing motives or excites a
person more than buying clothes for a new venture. Am I right, ladies? This
is not only true for new jobs or vacations. Buy new workout clothes to get
you excited about starting your new fitness routine. Check out these pieces.

4. Find Your Favorite Fitness Activity & Go All In
Have you discovered your inner yogi? Or do like
to take your aggression out on in the ring? Try every sport or fitness activity available to you until you find the one you enjoy the most. Then go all in!
Zeagoo’s Cycling Underwear

5. Meal Plan Essentials
Are you going on a cleanse? Have you committed
to bring your own lunch to work? Have you incorporated juices or smoothies into your diet?
No matter what healthy changes you’ve made to your diet, you’re going to need
the right diet-friendly containers to keep you on the right track. Here are
some diet staples.

Yes, I will use any excuse to buy new shoes. But
this one makes total sense! If you have some fitness related resolution,
chances are you probably need new sneakers. There are tons of choices out there
on the market so you really need to know what is going to work best for your
new healthy lifestyle and fitness regiment. Below are some options to help you
find your perfect new pair.
7. Make a Large Investment
You can say that all of the above are
investments towards your health and fitness. While that is true, they’re mostly
one-time buys and the prices range based on your needs and preferences. I’m
talking a little larger here. Join a gym or pick up the phone and order those DVDs
from that infomercial you’ve been watching over and over again. My 50lb
weight-loss did not happen at a gym. It started by living a physically active
summer in Europe and purchasing a great workout DVD set when I returned home. Now, I do belong to a gym and I’m finding great pleasure in participating
in many of the fitness classes they offer. Find what’s right for you and put your money
where your mouth is. Feeling like you’re wasting your hard earned money is
another great motivator that will help you stick to your new fitness routine.

The Biggest Loser 3 DVD Set

Am I missing anything? What were some of your
New Year’s Resolution buys? What was your favorite? Let me know in the comment
section below.
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