My Favorite Prima Donna Pieces

One of my favorite local shops in Queens is called Prima Donna. I’ve been shopping there for shoes, bags and statement pieces for years and years. I would consider it one of our – Queens residents – best kept secrets. Unfortunately for us but very fortunately for you, Prima Donna has recently launched it’s online store and their products are now available nationwide. It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Prima Donna.

Prima Donna has a huge selection of the latest in-season, super trendy items along with wardrobe staples. Shoes, bags, hats, jewelry…whatever accessory needs you have, they can take care of. How adorable are the flats above? I know you’ve seen them in your favorite department stores for crazy amounts of money. Not at Prima Donna. Their shoes can range from $14.99 and up!

Speaking of shoes, how about these boots above? They’re perfect for the cooler fall/winter days. Do you like knee highs, booties, military or studded boots? Well, they have them! I actually just bought a great pair of ankle boots with gunmetal studs for just $34.99. I can’t wait to show them to you in my fall/winter essentials post. 
Not only will you find some amazing footwear at Prima Donna, but you’l find some for your little girls, too! They have flats, rain boots, even wedged sneakers for your little one. Wouldn’t Catalina look super cute in those polka dot rain boots?!

My absolute favorite thing to buy at Prima Donna are actually hats. They have an amazing array of styles and colors. I can’t believe the selection of retro hats I can find there that is just perfect for my style and budget

Of course, they also more modern and currently trending hats as well. The hats were Buy One Get One Free when I visited my local Prima Donna. You can’t beat that, ladies. 
Since the weather is getting pretty cold here in New York City (what happened to fall?), I was in need of new gloves. Thankfully my nearest Prima Donna was stocked with gloves in several different styles and colors. The ones above are smart gloves that let you navigate your touch screen devises without removing them.
And now we get to the bags. They have a ton of different styles, materials, colors, trends, etc., etc., etc. It would be a more difficult task to NOT find a bag you’ve been coveting for much less at one of their locations.

For example…

Now we get to the real secret gem – the baubles. Oh the the jewelry! All of those amazing pieces you’ve seen at J Crew, Zara, bebe, the list goes on…you can find them for super cheap at Prima Donna. And you can believe me when I tell you that the quality is impressive. 
Why would you spend so much money on these pieces when you can achieve the same look for much less here? Seriously, this store will change your life! I am actually very glad that now all of my fashionable sisters from across the United States will have access to these products. 

Below are my top 3 absolute favorite Prima Donna finds of all-time:
1. Red Polka Dot Wedges
I found these shoes years ago, right when my taste for retro/vintage-inspired looks where just developing. They just make me think of Spanish ladies singing flamenco music in a Spanish plaza over glasses of sangria for some reason. Not to mention how super comfortable they are. I could and have worn them for hours.

2. This Adorable Retro-Looking Felt Hat
This is my go-to hat in the fall and early winter. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. I’ve had women literally stop me in the street to ask where I purchased this piece. Hats like these are currently available at Prima Donna so get yourself one asap.

3. Black Crocheted Shawl with Beads
I will never forget this purchase. I bought this shall in my senior year of high school (didn’t I tell you that I’ve been a fan for years?) for a staged performance. I choreographed a tango for our Spanish Club’s International Night performance and I knew I needed a stunning piece that would capture the elegant sexuality of the dance. Of course I didn’t tell that to the Franciscan Brothers who ran my school but it still looked amazing on and off the stage. 
All of these pieces and more can be yours today. Shop Prima Donna here. You’re welcome. 
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