A Day in the Domesticated Me Household

Dress: Adrissa (Colombian Brand) // Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana // Headband: ℅ Modcloth
So what’s a day in the life of the Domesticated Me household? It always starts out in the kitchen. I prepare a simple healthy breakfast for myself and my daughter to get us ready for the day. My husband is usually off to work early so I get to spend some quiet [as quiet as 2-year-olds can be] quality time with the little one. I also use this time to post blogs and/or makeup tutorials.
By late morning or early afternoon, I’m back in the kitchen preparing lunch. My go-to lunches are simple nutritious soups. My Colombian aunt (the family nanny and chef) pretty much raised all of the children in our family on soups and stews. I never heard the end of how great soups were in aiding the development of kids. Clearly it’s something that has stayed with me. Catalina also happens to love her some sopita.

While my daughter naps, I take the opportunity to film makeup tutorials or edit any photographs that I need to post on the blog in the coming week. I would be lying if I said I never joined her on some of her naps sometimes. Those Spaniards really got it right with their institutionalized siestas
I also use this time to do any household chores that need to be taken care of – watering plants, organizing, going through mail, preparing laundry, etc. etc. etc. You do what you can with the time that you get. 

And then I’m back in the kitchen to prepare dinner for the family. My weekly dinner menus (which can be seen on my instagram account) can be a motley group of ethnic meals. One night we’ll have tacos, the other night we’ll have an Italian pasta dish, and I’ll experiment with something completely new and different on another night. I used to say that I burned water. And although I’m still not the best cook in the world, I sure do enjoy trying!

The end of the night, after we’ve put Catalina to bed, is a special time for us. It’s just the two of us and we can talk without being interrupted by a super active and affectionate toddler. It reminds us of the time we had before the insanity of parenthood took over our lives. But I do have to admit that our daughter still dominates most of our conversations. We like to share a special treat at this time. Sometimes it’s something sweet. Sometimes it’s a much needed cocktail at the end of a rough day. Whatever it is, it’s a special time between just the two of us.
In case I have to say it, I’m half joking in this post. Although the words do reflect what my day is like on some days, it is nowhere near as organized and simple. And of course, I don’t always look this put together in the middle of a busy week. I wish! This is my homage to the image of a 1950s housewife. I hope you enjoyed it. What would your ideal day in your home look like?

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