Where to Find Brooches for Your Brooch Bouquet

Many people ask me where I found the brooches for my brooch bouquet. There are few options available that may work for you depending on the kind of brooches you’re looking for.

You may want to check out thrift stores, antique stores, etsy and/or ebay if you’re looking for antique or vintage brooches. Just keep in mind that this may be costly and time consuming. If you’re more concerned with finding brooches of a certain color or style, going whole sale is the best option. My favorite shop for whole sale brooches is FabulousBrooch.com. That’s where I found most of my brooches for my personal brooch bouquet.

Below you’ll find a video where I discuss this topic a little more in detail and photos of some of the brooches FabulousBrooch.com offers.

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