My Top 5 Sigma Products Plus 20% Off

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Sigma Beauty. Many of the brushes and makeup I own come from this stellar cosmetics company. For a limited time, Sigma is offering a special 20% off coupon code for their affiliates. It expires on Monday, July 22nd so take advantage of this deal before it ends.

Discount Code: SBAP20

Below are my top 5 Sigma products to get you started:

1. E55 Shading Brush

This is my favorite shading brush. I have multiple because I can’t live a single day without it. Want to see it in action? Watch my tutorial below.

2. E35 Tapered Blending Brush

Another brush I can live without! This brush is exquisitely shaped and in the perfect size for blending. Buy this brush for flawless eye looks.

3. F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

I have raved about this brush before. I use it daily to apply my tinted moisturizer. The the dense bristles give flawless application and the shape allows for getting into hard-to-reach areas (hair line, around the nose, etc.)

4. Bare Palette

Every woman should own a palette with neutral eye shadows. This one is my go-to palette for every occasion. Want a subtle look for work? This palette can help you achieve the look. Want to do a sexy smokey eye? This palette has all the shades you’ll need.  Want a bit of glamour? This palettee has some shades of gold that are perfect for a touch of glam. You can even make a bridal look with the Bare Palette! Just watch my tutorial below.

5. Brush Cleaning Glove (Review & Tutorial coming soon!)

As I’m sure you know, we are supposed to clean our brushes at least once a week (depending on how often we do our makeup). Most of us don’t do that for various reasons – we don’t have enough time, it leaves our hands super dry, etc. etc. etc. Well, this revolutionary new product will change the way you think about cleaning your brushes forever. It significantly cuts the amount of time you need to dedicate to cleaning your brushes, protects your hands, deep cleans your brushes and reduces the amount of cleaning product you need to use. It’s wonderful!

Okay, so I couldn’t just narrow it down to JUST 5. Here’s my 6th! Let’s just call it lagniappe:

6. L05 Lip Brush

This brush, like all of the Sigma brushes I’ve used, are shaped impeccably for the use it was designed for. I use the L05 when I want to have perfect lipstick application. You can even apply some lipstick to the brush before you enclose it in its case to reapply later in the night. Amazing!

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