Los of Fun Musical Weekend

Last night “I got loaded on a bottle of gin”. Tonight I’m “waiting for my gin to hit me”. – July 13, 2013

I had quite the musical couple of days the weekend before last. It started with a free concert in Lower Manhattan as part of the Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival. Performing that night was one of my favorite bands (quite possibly my absolute favorite band) Los Lobos. I seriously consider them to be perfect musical specimens. If aliens were to land on Earth and ask me (clearly I would be the one chosen to speak on behalf of the human race, right?) to show them what music is, I would give them a Los Lobos  compilation CD. In it they would find American Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues, Traditional/Regional Mexican Band music, Cumbia, love songs, songs of despair and everything in between. 
Los Lonely Boys (one of our new favorite bands) also performed that night. They completely blew us away with their talent and spirit. It led me to tweet, “Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys. It’s Los of fun!”

On Friday, my husband took me on a surprise road trip. He gave me an idea of what kind of clothes to pack but did not tell me where we were going or what we were going to do. When we arrived at our destination, I was happily surprised to find myself at the Borgata in Atlantic City to see the same show we watched the night before. This time in an intimate theatre where we could actually dance (my only complaint about the LHBF show is that we were not allowed to stand up and dance. So frustrating when you’ve got amazing musicians in front of you!).
At the end of the night, I wound up with Ringo’s drumstick (drummer for Los Lonely Boys), a signed Los Lobos shirt for my husband and my ticket signed by all the members of Los Lobos with a message that read “YOU ARE STUNNING”. It was one of the best night’s of my life.

On Saturday we attended a small music festival to an equally amazing The Iguanas. We danced out hearts out in the heat to wonderful New Orleans band. They were such a hit that the audience demanded that the band play one more song at the end of their set. Thankfully, the band obliged. 

The photo at the top of this post references both a song that Los Lobos sings (“I Got Loaded”) and a The Iguanas song “Waiting for My Gin to Hit Me”.
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