How to Get Your Items Featured as Host Picks During Posh Parties

Since hosting a Poshmark Party for the second time, I’ve been asked how I select my host picks. I decided to share what I look for when selecting items to feature to help my fellow posh markers get noticed.

The first thing I’ll say is that every host is different and may ask for different requirements.

Here are a few things I look for:

1. Follow directions. If I ask that users tag me on just ONE item, please don’t tag me on every single item in your closet. I will never select an item from someone who has tagged me on multiple things no matter how perfect that item(s) would be for my party. It wouldn’t be fair to users who follow the “rules”.

2. Pay attention to deadlines. I ask that users tag me no later than noon on the day of the Posh party but I still get tons of people tagging hours later (even during the party itself). Deadlines are posted for a reason. Personally, I stop checking my newsfeed (and even close the app all together) in order to finalize my list and prepare for the party. I usually don’t get back on the app until the party starts. I just share items from my list during the party and nothing else – I don’t check messages, I don’t look at my feed, etc.

HOWEVER, if you weren’t able to tag me before the deadline for some reason, it is okay to tag me reasonably soon after the deadline “just in case”. Just know that I may not see your listing until after the party is over and your chances of getting selected are very small.

3. Select items that really truly perfectly completely totally fit the theme. This may sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised. I get tagged on items and just think, “really?”. I understand users’ eagerness when given the opportunity to be considered for a host pick but it’s better to wait until the right opportunity arises or find something that would be perfect to list.

Of course this may be more difficult than it seems since a theme is in the eye of the beholder. What is timeless to me may be retro to you. What is girly to you may actually be sexy to me.

4. When in doubt, ask questions! I’m happy to answer any questions as long as I receive them well before the party. I can describe exactly what I’m looking for and you’ll know if you have a perfect item for the party.

5. Take great photos. This should be a rule for users regardless of parties or host picks. You need to showcase your items in order to catch buyers’ eyes. There are countless of listings on Poshmark and your photos should make your items stand out. I’m certainly more inclined to look at items that have great cover photos than ones that are dark and/or blurry.

6. Price appropriately. I can understand everyone’s desire to make as much as you can for your precious items but you should price your pieces fairly. If your items are used, worn, damaged, etc., than you should reduce the price of the item to reflect those signs of use. I saw some really great pieces that were way overpriced. If I wouldn’t pay that much for an item, I wouldn’t ask anyone else to and therefore wouldn’t select it as a host pick.

I hope this post helps some of you understand what a host looks for when selecting their host picks for a Poshmark party. Feel free to ask me any Poshmark questions you may have. I like to consider myself a PM ambassador and am happy to help!

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