On a Quest to find the Perfect Camera Bag

As I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased a new camera a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I still don’t a camera bag for it. I actually do have a professional camera bag (like the canon bag pictured below)  that fits the camera, three lenses, a flash and bunch of other small accessories (via my husband’s collection) but I don’t have my dream bag.

What? Do you really think a girl like me would walk around with a plain old camera bag?

1. I live in New York City. Although I have never been a victim of a street crime, I don’t want to tempt anyone into popping that cherry.

2. Doesn’t a girl deserve a fabulous bag fit for the fabulous arm it’s carried on? Of course!

Therefore, I’m on a mission to find the perfect, chic camera bag that will give off the illusion that I know what I’m doing (so many buttons!) while looking like the in-the-know fashion lover I try to be.

Here is what I’m looking for

  • The bag must be light weight/not bulky
  • It must have a cross-body strap
  • No matter how esthetically pleasing it is, it must protect my camera and lenses
  • Did I mention it has to be pretty?
We shall see where this quest takes me…
Feel free to post suggestions in the comments section below.

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