The Lonesome Trio NYC Performance

Jacob Tilove,  Ed Helms and Ian Riggs are The Lonesome Trio (at the Rockwood Music Hall)

Thanks to my years in the NYC comedy world, I have met a great number of brilliant comedians, humorist, satirists, musicians, etc.. But, best of all, I can call many of these talented minds friends. 

Last night, I attended the first Lonesome Trio show in New York City in over a year. Some of you may know them as “Ed Helm’s band”. But for the cool in-the-know kids in New York, they’re “that really awesome bluegrass band”. Of course the word “bluegrass” is used loosely. 

I first met the trio in the summer of 2007. It was actually the day the iPhone came out. How my friend managed to get me away from my all-consuming new toy at home and make the trek to Brooklyn’s Bait & Tackle, I’l never know. But I’ve been a big supporter ever since.

The Lonesome Trio is made up of Jacob Tilove on the mandolin, Ian Riggs on the base and Ed Helms on guitar/banjo. They perform original songs that are really fun and heartbreaking at times (emphasis on the fun). You can listen to some of their songs here. Although they don’t perform on the East Coast that often anymore, they do perform regularly in Los Angeles. You can catch them at The Whiskey Sour Radio Hour or during The Bluegrass Situation (a bluegrass music festival Ed founded) at Largo.

Can’t make it to L.A.? See these other great bands/musicians: All Night Cookin’, Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides, and Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra.

Below are some of my photos from the show las night. I didn’t have the best view but I managed to get these not-so-bad shots. Enjoy!

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