My Vintage Handbags & Posh Party Preview

Vintage Sondra Roberts
I know this will be a shocker for some of you but…I love vintage handbags. Okay, so that may not be a surprise at all. And some people may even say, “Jessica, you love ALL handbags.” Although that may be true, vintage handbags just have an extra special place in my heart. Whether one is handed down to you or you find a great piece in a shop or flea market, there is nothing like owning a vintage bag
Vintage handbags that were made decades before often were made with such great material and hardware that they withstand the test of time. Most of my vintage bags were given to me by my mother. As a new immigrant from Colombia, my mother saved up money from her earnings as a maid to purchase gorgeous shoes and handbags from Saks Fifth Avenue. I think much of my love for fashion came from her. 
I’m so happy to share with you some of the vintage handbags in my collection AND I’ll also share some of the pieces I’m going to be selling on Thursday night’s Vintage & Timeless Pieces Posh Party. Enjoy!
Silver beaded Walborg Purse 

Black Satin Carolina Herrera Purse 
Deep Burgundy Velvet Purse with Colored Beads
 Black Satin Rodo Purse with Gold, Silver and White Crystal Clasp and Gold Chain

Sades of Brown with Gold Buckle Gino Ferruzzi Purse 
 Gold Textured Purse made for Saks Fifth Avenue
White Beaded Handbag with Beaded Flower Details
Red Bow Clutch
Poshmark Party Items for Sale
 Italian Leather Oxblood Clutch. Note the clasp!
Eric Javits Woven black and gold hardware tote with gold fabric interior
Gloria Vanderbilt wallet (not a handbag but I decided to include it anyway)
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