Petition to Boycott Lionsgate Design Brooch Bouquets

A company that makes brooch bouquets really doesn’t like the fact that I made a video that shows brides how to do-it-yourself for much cheaper than they sell them for. The petition below was created to let Lionsgate Designs know that attacking YouTube gurus for showing people how to make brooch bouquets is NOT GOOD BUSINESS! Please click here to add your name to the petition.

The Petition states:
Lionsgate Designs makes brooch bouquets geared towards brides for their weddings. Although the company makes beautiful bouquets, they have taken an ugly tactic in hopes of building their sales and deterring competition from brides themselves. 

A few YouTube gurus have recently been attacked for posting How-To Do-it-Yourself Brooch Bouquet videos by Lionsgate Designs’ YouTube channel. They have posted comments on these video including:

“Very unprofessional and no good information at all.”

“DON’T DO IT!!! She says it is easy but she doesn’t show you how to do the ribbon which is not easy and she slams spending $600 for a professional brooch bouquet which in the end is totally worth it…”

“This is a HORRIBLE way to make a brooch bouquet!!! Takes far too long and is extremely unprofessional in the end.”

These videos were filmed, edited and posted in order to help and encourage brides who cannot afford these expensive arrangements to do it themselves. This petition is not a reflection of Lionsgate Designs’ work or products, it’s simply a response to their attacks to the individuals who are advocating for a less expensive DIY approach. 

Tell Lionsgate Designs that THIS is not the way to do good business by boycotting her shop. 

-DIY Brides

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