Free Versace for H&M Bracelet Contest Giveaway!

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  • So nice of you to offer this beautiful bracelet! I stood in line at 4am and even though I was early by the time my turn came around all of the accessories were gonnnnne! I was so disappointed bc the rings, bracelets and scarves were what I wanted the most! Any way thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this!

  • I will have to agree with Nani! 🙂 It is so great that you're doing this! So excited! And our store was almost empty when I arrived… I live far from the store and I went there as soon as I could, but it was too late… Anyway thank you so much for giving me a chance to get something really special! 🙂

  • OMG That is so sweet of u .. I wanntttttt…. i live in indonesia and there's no H&M Store here… 🙁
    And ur baby is superrr cute..

  • OMG….. That is so kind of you…… i live in Malaysia and there's no H&M at all…. Thank you for give us the opportunity to win these adorable bracelet……. i hope that i will win this as my present for my sister…… anyway, Thank you so much…….;D

  • Hey Jessica! My name is Jess too! I subscribed to your YouTube channel…thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win that amazingly CUTE bracelet! I don't own any fancy designer duds since I am a poor college student but would love to (especially if it's given to me for free! lol)! I am also going to subscribe to your blog. Thanks again and btw, cute baby!!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! How kind of you to do that for your followers! Good luck to all! Love the collection. Too bad there wasn't enough of the Versace goodness for fashionistas who waited in line for hours since people decided to buy it all just to resell it for double the price!

  • HEY. i followed ur blog as well. i would realy realy want to win this contest. as i cant buy thesee things cuz im from pakistan. and im watching videos and being sad tht i cnat 🙁

  • Subscribed to your channel and blog! In ref. to your haul vid and posting on ebay, nbd and it's true, a lot of people don't have access to H&M. And btw, your face lit up when you mentioned your wedding! Congrats!

  • you're so lucky to got that a lot of Versace for H&M items. Versace for H&M worth waited for! I love your giveaway, because i forgot to bought it when they launched they collection, so sad :(. I already subscribe your youtube and follow your blog. I share it too for my friends on Twitter & facebook.


  • Hey! I'm interested to join this giveaway because there's no H&M store in my country! You and your son are too cute! Hope I win this giveaway!

    Following you!


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